Value Proposition
Rojo Research reveals the value of a highly defined niche audience. Yet, value is not delivered in mere statistics alone. 

We understand demographics are just a tool, one of minor worth unless guided by experience and trust.  We know our client’s return on investment is the yardstick in which we are measured.

Rojo Research’s intense focus is to support client sponsorship and advertising revenues initiatives though the collection of statistically reliable audience characteristics, socioeconomic information, product buying habits, and purchasing activities.

Problems Solved
Rojo Research aids our partners’ fight to increase corporate sponsorship revenue in an extremely competitive climate. Our clients leverage demographic data we collect to position access of their unique, well-defined audience to sponsorship candidates.

Corporate sponsors desire to reach a target market; Rojo Research enables our clients to tell the story of their patrons.  We help build relationships through research.

Our universe is equally focused on specific industries where the enterprise of our efforts offers the greatest impact.

  • College Athletics
  • Performing Art Organizations
  • Minor League Sports
  • Spanish-language Print and Radio Media

As a true pioneer in defining live-event audience, Rojo Research employs a combination of traditional measurement methods curtail to client needs.

  • Telephone Interviews
  • On-site Intercepts
  • Online Interviews

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