Since September 2007, McNeese State Athletics has partnered with Rojo Research to compile demographic research of their fans.  As a result, McNeese State has been able to leverage their research to close deals that have otherwise been unobtainable.  In the past few months, the athletics department has been able to increase its sponsorship revenue by approximately $110,000 with three new sponsors, with several other deals in the finalizing stages of negotiations.

“The research provided by Rojo Research has been a tremendous asset to our department,” said Assistant Athletic Director Ryan Ivey.  “With the research, we are able to differentiate ourselves from the competition and make deals that otherwise would have been difficult to complete.  The landscape of sponsorships for college athletics is evolving from a seasonal sale to a year round sale and this research allows us the opportunity to specifically design sponsorship packages based upon the client and sport.”   

Solly Fulp – Ryan Ivey, Assistant Athletic Director, McNeese State University


"For a small to mid-major Division I program Rojo Research is the perfect partner because they totally understand our level of marketing and sponsorship. Rojo delivered everything they promised and to this day they remain an active part of our overall corporate partnership program. In just one year we have been able to increase our corporate partnerships by almost $100,000 dollars. One of the key reasons has been an ability to incorporate meaningful data and research into our proposals. Prospective partners have come away very impressed with our ability to deliver them key demographic information on our fans. Rojo's price structure is extremely reasonable and I'd be really surprised if any school can't make up the cost through new partners."

Glenn Hofmann - Associate Athletics Director, Niagara University


"Rojo Research is an invaluable tool and will definitely help increase your bottom line.  If you want your business to grow...go with Rojo."

John Barranco - Assistant AD Development, University of New Orleans


John Herron and Rojo Research was the sales service we needed to quantify the buying power of the Cal season tickets holders. Rojo Research met with our sales staff and marketing department to accurately access our needs to support new business sales efforts, as well as, help substantiate existing sponsorship relationships. Rojo Research clearly defined the value of corporate partnership marketing and advertising to Cal Fans.”

Solly Fulp – Vice President / General Manager , Cal Sports Properties


“Rojo Research has done an incredible job in fulfilling our research project.  John Herron has worked diligently to complete the project in a timely manner and keep us informed every step of the way.  I fully endorse Rojo Research and look forward to working with them on future projects.”

                        Bari Watson – Director of Marketing & External Affairs, Belmont University



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